06. Transitioning from Employee to Solopreneur - With Carlee Dowsett

Updated: Feb 10

My very FIRST guest on the Start Right Now Podcast is Carlee Dowsett, Founder of Toronto-based businesses Everlee Event Studio and Sunday Brunch.

In this Episode, we discuss Carlee's career transition from working in corporate to charting her own path as a new entrepreneur.

We cover:

  • *Pursuing your dreams, even when others try to through you off course

  • *Leveraging your skills as you transition to different careers

  • *An unlikely COVID-19 pivot that sprouted a flourishing business

  • *Finding balance as a solopreneur

  • *Why a beginner's mindset is critical for success

Connect with Carlee on Instagram @SundayBrunchCA @EverleeEventStudio @EverleeEventStudio.biz

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