23. Assemble the Tribe: How owning your value can help you build tribe and thrive- With Leah JM Dean

Updated: Mar 20

If you've ever asked yourself, "Who am I and what do I have to give? How do I find my people—my tribe? What are the keys to creating amazing female connections?" Then this is the episode for you.

I interview Author Leah JM Dean about her new best-selling book, "Assemble the Tribe" and what it takes to find a female tribe that supports and appreciates each other for a lifetime. In her book and this episode, Leah shares her formula for how to shift to a tribe mindset by first discovering the value that you bring to every connection you make.

Connect with Leah @LeahJMDean on Social Media, and on her website www.leahjmdean.com. Purchase Leah's Best-selling book on her website and also on Amazon.

Enter for a chance to win Leah's book on December 14 On Instagram by following @ChloeMcKenzie.Co as part of the 12 Days of Giveaways contest.

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