EP21: Balancing family and business, and rewriting the rules on career success

Updated: Jul 10, 2021


Which direction should take your career when you're not sure exactly what lights you up? In Episode 21, you'll hear a candid conversation with East Coast photographer Lyndsay Doyle about how she rewriting the rules on career success and merging her passions to find her sweet spot. As she hits her career stride into her 40s, her story is an amazing reminder to take the long view on your career and in your entrepreneurial pursuit, especially if you are balancing family priorities.

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After a decade in the corporate world, Lyndsay made the leap to full-time entrepreneurship in 2012 so she could make her own rules. With a headstrong and quirky personality, Lyndsay approaches her work in a straightforward way, taking care to relay strong social messages with her art through humour and honesty.

Her photography and writing clearly show her passion for social justice issues, particularly in the field of women’s rights. Whether through subject-based projects, or through self-portraiture, she weaves art, business, and audience interaction seamlessly, while focussing on projects that specifically aim to break down barriers for women, celebrate their strengths, and create discussion.

On December 5th, win a copy of her new book, Strong and Free - an inspirational photo book of women in sport. Follow me on Instagram @ChloeMcKenzie.Co for contest details.

To learn more about Lindsay Doyle and her work, visit her website at www.lyndsaydoyle.ca . Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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