EP16: Owning What Makes You Different, Taking Up Space and Creating a Legacy - With Jesse Jones

Updated: Jul 10, 2021


In the pursuit of your dreams, there's no doubt you will find yourself in places, spaces, and rooms where you may feel you don't belong - a feeling that might leave you playing small or questioning whether you have what it takes to thrive and succeed.


Jesse Jones, the head of his family-owned, Toronto-based insights and marketing agency Jones & Jones Group. He shares his candid experiences of growing up in a family of creative entrepreneurs, and how he is building on their legacy of creating spaces for multicultural communities to thrive in Canada. His own entrepreneurship story will push you to own the things that make you different and to hold on tighter to your dream - even when the going gets tough.

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This episode was recorded at the House of KUUMBA - a studio in Brampton, ON (CAN) where creatives can collaborate and produce content together. Check them out on Instagram @TheHouseofKUUMBA.

Connect with Jesse on Instagram @IamJesseJones.

Connect with Chloe on Instagram @ChloeMcKenzie.co.

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