Hey! I'm Chloe.


I help ambitious professionals and new entrepreneurs who have a vision and dream… but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated in putting the pieces of their ideas together. I help them own their unique value, package it for their target audience, and FINALLY step into the work they are called to do.


I’m part Leadership Coach, part Marketing Strategist, and nothing lights me up than helping others actualizing their potential – in their careers and beyond.



If you met me today, my childhood wouldn’t at all be a surprise you. A lover a puzzles, a packed itinerary of various music lessons, tutoring and competitive sports, and lonnngggg car rides where the playlist was Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Willy Jolly motivational speeches. Yep. If ‘ambition were a food, you could say it was a featured ingredient in every meal I ate.

But I would later learn a few important lessons. Like the fact that ACTION eats AMBITION for breakfast. More on that part soon.

I took a traditional career route. I breezed through grade school and high school, completed University, and then I started my career working at a marketing agency. It was my first big-girl job. I was a wide-eyed keener, ready to be challenged by the pace of the work, by the pressure of working with world class clients, and by the opportunity to bring my creative ideas to the table. The best part? All of this learning would be the bridge I needed to start on one of my greatest ambitions: run my own business.  Ah. Young Chloe. So naïve!


If you ‘checked the box’ and started your career along the corporate route, I know you can relate to how I felt:

I entered the work world and struggled to connect with the work. I failed the make an impact that had been so easy for me in other environments. And the work itself seemed so far from the highest-use of my skills and talents. I didn’t know what my purpose was exactly… but I did know I wasn’t living it.


The lessons continued. When we’re not clear about the value we bring to the table… on our unique gifts that set us apart, and how to connect the dots on our experiences to align with our purpose, that’s a frustrating and lonely place to be.


I felt stuck in my career.

Did I make the wrong decision? Where do I go from here? How do I be the leader I know I have the potential to be?

The worst part is? My attitude started to erode the other dreams I had for myself. My passions. If I couldn’t thrive in this job, how on earth could I make it on my own as an entrepreneur?

In life there are signs. Intuition. Whispers. I listened to the whisper. My calling was calling – so I answered the call.

I didn’t want to be buried anymore – under fear of judgement, under shame, under not knowing who I really was. I was determined to tap into myself and uncover who I am at my core.

I enrolled in the Co-Active Coaching Program at the Coaches Training Institute and within a year, completed training in their core curriculum. So much had shifted. EVERYTHING actually.

Coaching tools allowed me to tap into my strengths, to understand my saboteurs, and to coach others through their own difficult circumstances. A coach-approach became the foundation of how I managed my first clients, and how I supported my first direct reports, and even how I pitched and packaged ideas for my global clients like Google, Facebook, Shopify, and Microsoft.

It wasn’t until I understood my unique value and paired fundamental leadership principles with my love of marketing that my career in the experiential marketing industry absolutely took off.

Over the past decade, I’ve pitched hundreds of brands, lead teams of over a dozen people, and executed hundreds of live events and experiences nearly half a million attendees.

I’ve learned a TON about how to lean on your unique talents to leave a lasting impression; how to own a room (even if you’re the most junior person in there); and how packaging an idea is critical for getting your receiver to buy-in. And most importantly, how to find the GUTS and build a sound PLAN to execute on it.

In my business today, I am proud to combine my sweet spot of marketing and leadership skills to help ambitious corporate professionals and new entrepreneurs unlock their gifts and package their ideas – for business or for a project.

If you’re ready to level up your leadership and step into your calling, let’s get started RIGHT NOW. It’s time to get off the sidelines and go from ASPIRING to ACTUALIZING your potential, then you’ve come to the right place.

This is your opportunity to move from feeling totally paralyzed by your FEARS of judgement, rejection, and failure… to channeling your gifts and passions into a successful and purposeful business, creative project, or side hustle.

The ‘Start Right Now’ podcast will take you on a journey from ASPIRING to ACTUALIZING your potential to LEAD, LAUNCH, and GROW in your new business and in your life. Motivational quick hit episodes and candid conversations with entrepreneurs will reveal actionable strategies to conquer your fears and boost your productivity, motivation, creativity, and fulfillment - however messy, bumpy and imperfect the journey might be.